Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 Negatives, #firstworld problems
- Studying has taken over and hurts my brain, referencing can eff off
- No exercise because of an injured ankle is sending me bananas
- Social life is non-existent
- Room/bathroom haven’t been cleaned for over a month, ditto with the car, the giant huntsman I was    trapped with on the freeway last week is testament to the fact that when you don’t clean things, the critters settle in and make my home their home
- Lack of cash money
- Holiday planning is in full swing, excitement is at an all time high!
- Lately, I’ve been sleeping ALOT! not getting up at 5:45am every morning to exercise does have its perks
- Even though studying is cactus and boring, I do think I’m getting smarter, my brain just hasn’t realised it yet so the super intelligent stuff doesn’t come out of my mouth, it’ll happen tho, you just wait…
- Although I’m poor I get to look at pretty clothes all day, try them on when I’m bored and then put them on my account so I can pay for them laters!
- I have a sxc boyfriend that looks after me when I cant walk and am so hung I want to cry. He makes me pasta at 10am, buys me candy for lunch and will watch girl movies like The Help all day long. He also scores me free Yelawolf tix so i can indulge in my obsession with badass tattooed trailer park boys from Alabama. He may have some doozy songs like ‘Made in the USA’ but he is hot and just wants to party. So fuck yeah.
- Nicki Minaj is coming to Aus!! However this could end up in the negatives list when I realise that I cant afford to go east to see her. But for now I will celebrate!
- Internets is the best because I get to speak to ma gurl Ashton whenever I want. Miss my lil indian woman like there’s no tomorrow.
- Happy snaps >>>>

DAYDREAMIN’ my way through life right now.
jak & jil
Seriously loving red beanie, red lips, fur lined parka and mini Wang combo via Jak & Jil
Simple ponytail and hair cuff via Love Aesthetics
Lip stain and gold via Into the Gloss
WANT #Makeitcount Nike x Liberty 2012

Currently on a waiting list for these Wang babies
Wish I was eating raw pizza food in general every day
*NEW* Stolen Girlfriends Club 'Here Lies the Bones' Pre order here
Georgia May Jagger in general
Magdalena for Russian Vogue April 2012, BEST  HAIR, need to do this, check the rest here
Freakin' adore Daphne, styling in these photos is so on point with my taste, check more
More Daphne cos shes amaze, and I really love this Self Service cover
2 models are always better than 1, and I think Isabeli Fontana is so smokin (alot like Penelope Cruz, no?)see more
Case in point, two's more fun! More...
Rihanna just being a beb, her current style is so sxc/back to ghetto
I love her blonde, and yes, am just basically obsessed with the girl

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Advanced Style

You know that fabulous little older woman you see holding her groceries on the street corner, with the purple tinted white/grey hair pinned back with precision and the brooch made of semi precious jewels that is 'so vintage Bvlgari' it makes you want to stop in your tracks and make her an offer. She potters along in her tiny heeled pumps and perfectly applied make-up going about her daily chores without knowing just how damn cool she really is. This is how she has always dressed and as Yves Saint Laurent said "Fashions fade, style is eternal". The fashion cycle is so humorous when you really stop and think how much money you are spending and how hard you trying to pull off a certain look ffrom a certain era, when really you could just go to your grandma or grandpa for some handy tips and tricks.

Advanced Style is all about this fabulous woman and more. It is fascinating, heartwarming, inspiring, amazing and unique.  The photos stop me from dreading the ageing process and choose to instead one day embrace it with gusto. Tip: Check out the video section of the blog, they are just so rad you will spend hours watching while they slowly melt your cold and elitist fashion heart.

Ari Seth Cohen, the creator of Advanced Style: "Many people ask me if the people I photograph are looking for attention-if they are dressing up because they want people to notice them. Anyone of these marvelous ladies and gentleman will tell you that they are dressing up for themselves, because it makes them feel good. As they have gotten older their message has changed. They are no longer saying "Look At Me", but rather "I am Here". "

P.S. Ari's book Advanced Style is out on May 22nd, I cannot wait! (My birthday is also on May 27th...just sayin')

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gangsters on the Green

Ash and I made our way up to the new Rooftop Movies on Friday night for a deadly double of Goodfellas and Natural Born Killers. After securing the last two low slung deckchairs we settled in to a long and bloody night, that I was fairly sure I would have fell asleep during, only because I’m a nanna, not due to the film content! I loved both films (cant believe I hadn’t seen either of them, so uncultured) and didn’t fall asleep, so all in all it was a successful outing. The rooftop has been decked out awesomely and it sure is cactus that it will have to come down once winter comes around…retractable roof anybody? I spent the break between movies hunting for flamingos and scoffing a giant chocolate brownie that I paid $8 for from San Churro’s. EIGHT DOLLARS!! I was feeling pretty outraged, especially because I’m not even a diehard brownie fan and made the impulse purchase because I was clearly exhausted by 10:15pm. Then I felt sick…Oh party day stamina, where have thee gone?
DSC00713DSC00708DSC00709       DSC00719DSC00714DSC00712DSC00716

Date Night

Ash and I have date night every Thursday. Its corny I know, but we are both super busy these days so a scheduled night works best. It’s important to make the effort to not hang out in bed watching HBO (no matter how good that is), so each week we alternate who’s turn it is to take the other out, and it has to be kept a surprise. We’ve been having a hell of a lot of fun since we started it, planning adventures to outdoor cinemas, backyard picnics, fancy dinners, cocktails and more. It really keeps the spark alive ;) ya knowww (haha yes I’m lame). Just some little pics of us last Thursday when I took him to an exhibition and then out for yum Japanese. Main reason there were photos is because I’m obsessed with my spearmint Antipodium dress. The contrast with the white brick walls made me giddy it is so fabulous! I seriously love Antipodium.
DSC00692 DSC00693  DSC00695 DSC00699

Monday, March 19, 2012

Balmain Babe

Blue Jeans

Completely different to her other famed vids, this was always my fav song on the album and I dont think she's done too badly with the new official clip. It is a little bit of a bore but its simplistic and she looks smokin'. I dont care about the hype, I'm still a Lana fan.

Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans Official Video

P.s. Click the pic to link to the video. It wasn't up on Youtube yet.x

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Peggy Sue’s- The Hurr Story

 Peggy Sue’s Hair is where the magic happens. You come to Bee Rizzi’s salon to be washed, cut, coloured and blow-waved into the best, sexiest, craziest version of yourself that you can imagine. You come here for your ideas to be understood and interpreted, for girly chats, non-stop laughter, epic eye-candy, interior deliciousness, candy scents and an atmosphere and experience like no other. You come to Peggy Sue’s to walk out with a smile on your face and an overwhelming feeling that is rare to come by, the feeling of ‘no regret’. Girls and boys you know what I’m talkin’ bout! If you’re in Perth and are lucky enough to score an appointment with the effervescent Bee then you are a blessed one indeed, if not, keep trying, it’ll be the greatest thing you do for your hurr since Moroccan Oil landed on our shelves.
P1012031 P1012018 P1012019  P1012025 P1012023P1012027 P1012028  P1012033 P1012037  P1012041

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Wellness Warrior

I just purchased 'Make Peace With Your Plate' by Jessica Ainscough aka The Wellness Warrior. Her blog is inspirational, and so is she! Generally, I know I don't do too badly for myself but at the moment I definitely need to get back on the health train. Starting uni has obviously made me use my brain a hell of a lot more lately and I've really noticed my energy levels going into overdrive. I am sometimes up, sometimes down, but generaly all around. I've been feeling crazy fatigued and am finding it hard to keep my diet in check. I keep reaching for carbs and sugar to get me through the day. That is usually so not me. So, purchasing Jessica's e-book and cooking from the recipes is the first step for me to get back on the right road. Plus, it's a great read! Green super smoothies here I come...

Buy it here!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I know you've probably all seen it, but if you haven't then I urge you to watch it, and if you have, I urge you to urge everyone else to watch it. I am aware that there are a million and one problems going on in the world, that you may think are more important than this particular one, but it doesn't matter! We all need to start somewhere and Invisible Children are targeting us all in a way that will make a giant difference. 100 years from now society will look back on this decade, as the one that it all started in, when social media (whether you love it or hate it) revolutionised the way we get through to young and old about real world problems that we CAN change.

When people on Facebook bitch and whine about others being ignorant for only just finding out through a viral video about a crisis such as this, and they preach that we should already be aware of these things and not just jump on the bandwagon...That really gets my goat! Don't we all need to find out about things somehow? Isn't it important to support and join causes, in any way you can, no matter what you're reasoning behind it may be? Some people love to sought out the problems in anything that is trending,with their cynicism, and let it be known that they do not approve. It is ridiculous and attention seeking, but opinions are there for the taking in any situation.

If by the end of 2012 Joseph Kony is brought to justice, we will all know that it will be because of the world's efforts, support, campaigning, listening, watching, donating and banding together, and not only will we rejoice, but we will know we are only at the beginning of an exciting new age in which anything is possible.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

SXC in Spearmint

There will be no hesitation in excessive spearmint posting, until I get sick of it, which does not seem likely any time soon. In saying that, this is not just a spearmint related post, Quentin Jones is hawt to trot in this mini street style series via Nowness.

Gothic much?!?!?!

Solestruck order and new Toshiba ultrabook, all in one day! Gotta be happy with that. I always place an order over the net and then forget what it is by the time it arrives! It was only when I excitedly opened all my different shoe boxes at once that I noticed the inadvertent theme of them all... Goth glam anybody?!?!!!???


My marketing lecturer told me that Iphones are no longer deemed 'cool' and these days, instead of showing it off, you're more likely to hide your snazzy smart phone, due to the fact that they are now so common, your grandma probably has one. I dont know about the statistics on that, I know for a fact that my Greek yiayia definitely does not know what an Iphone is, let alone own one. Whether they're 'cool' or not, I don't care, at least Iphones have Instagram, continue to suffer in silence Android users!!
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