Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gangsters on the Green

Ash and I made our way up to the new Rooftop Movies on Friday night for a deadly double of Goodfellas and Natural Born Killers. After securing the last two low slung deckchairs we settled in to a long and bloody night, that I was fairly sure I would have fell asleep during, only because I’m a nanna, not due to the film content! I loved both films (cant believe I hadn’t seen either of them, so uncultured) and didn’t fall asleep, so all in all it was a successful outing. The rooftop has been decked out awesomely and it sure is cactus that it will have to come down once winter comes around…retractable roof anybody? I spent the break between movies hunting for flamingos and scoffing a giant chocolate brownie that I paid $8 for from San Churro’s. EIGHT DOLLARS!! I was feeling pretty outraged, especially because I’m not even a diehard brownie fan and made the impulse purchase because I was clearly exhausted by 10:15pm. Then I felt sick…Oh party day stamina, where have thee gone?
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