Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Date Night

Ash and I have date night every Thursday. Its corny I know, but we are both super busy these days so a scheduled night works best. It’s important to make the effort to not hang out in bed watching HBO (no matter how good that is), so each week we alternate who’s turn it is to take the other out, and it has to be kept a surprise. We’ve been having a hell of a lot of fun since we started it, planning adventures to outdoor cinemas, backyard picnics, fancy dinners, cocktails and more. It really keeps the spark alive ;) ya knowww (haha yes I’m lame). Just some little pics of us last Thursday when I took him to an exhibition and then out for yum Japanese. Main reason there were photos is because I’m obsessed with my spearmint Antipodium dress. The contrast with the white brick walls made me giddy it is so fabulous! I seriously love Antipodium.
DSC00692 DSC00693  DSC00695 DSC00699

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  1. that is one seriously amazing dress! love it. really nice pics, looks like you had a lot of fun.