Monday, April 30, 2012

Slam your body down and zigazag ah

When I was younger and the Spice Girls were trending (still are btw) I always wanted to be Sporty Spice. Baby was too cute and fem, Scary was weird and well…scary, Ginger was a ranga which I wasn’t and Posh was just a bore. Sporty was cool in a tough, I don’t give a f*ck, tomboy way and I totally dug that back then. I dressed up as Sporty for all the primary school parties, including my own and also did a really awesome re-enactment dance to ‘Wannabe’ in front of a dodgy blue screen at Timezone on the Gold Coast (which I am totally down to show if anyone wants to see, it was my five mins of fame!).
As the years went by and I went through every different personal style change that a teenager can possibly go through (punk-check, goth-check, skank-check, hippy-check) at 16 I eventually reverted back to my Sporty Spice ways and began rocking sneakers with the healthy gusto of a young girl in love with a badass older boy who also wore sneakers. At 16, I was sold, and quickly started a large collection of kicks that I wore with skinny jeans, short shorts and dresses, I didn’t discriminate, any combo would do.
Fast forward to 2012 and look where we are, captivated by sport luxe fever and casting aside our sole destroying heels in favour of walking on a padded sneaker cloud. While there’s a time and place for all different shoe styles, I always have and always will embrace the sneakers, and while these days when I rock them I sometimes feel like the juvenile 16 year old girl who used to run around town causing an obnoxious ruckus, I still get a little feeling of glee when I pull out an old pair of Airmax 90’s or lace up a brand new pair of Free Runs, because sneakers are the shit! And don’t let no Baby Spice fan tell you otherwise.
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Images via: Coco+Kelley, Fashion Toast, High Snobette, Seventh Avenue Australia and La Modella Mafia

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Simply Rad

I love the striking, stark beauty of these images with the tailored shirt, amazing jewels and gorgeous makeup look. A look that is beautifully executed and relatively easy to do yourself. Good inspiration...

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Perth Fashion Week made its debut the weekend just gone and with all the goings on that it entailed, coupled with a relentless study plan I have had to push posting on here to the back of my mind. Which may I say, absolutely sucks because I really enjoy writing on here and constantly searching for inspiration to post, and without it life can become quite bland. In saying that however, my weekend was far from bland and I enjoyed all the ups and downs and crazy happenings immensely! Starting on Friday, my boss had tix for us to attend Garth Cook's show at PFW, but due to our last minute post work rush and an unfortunate lost keys situation we ended up crazily running into the venue only to catch the last 20 seconds of the show and the back of the models heads. Doh! I did end up seeing Garth's collection in a booth later on and it was very pretty indeed.

Later that evening after a couple of vinos I headed to the Kitty Grace show and witnessed an enchanting parade that really surprised me. I wasn't ready to fall in love with the collection but I did, in fact I almost fell head over heels for the sexy offerings that designer Kat Grace placed upon her hungry audience. I was so upset that my trusty old SLR had died on me only a couple of  days before so I couldnt capture any photos. I have added in some images from Style Hunter (thanks!) because without it this post would be a ridiculous novel that no-one could be bothered reading...Am I right?
Anyway, there will be more about that show from me over on Dress & Press in what I think will be the next couple of days.

On Saturday evening after a long day at work the Billie & Rose crew headed back on over to the Convention Centre for a fun filled night of champagne and Zhivago at PFW's most packed event. The bubbles were flowing freely as the fash pack gathered in tight to witness Zhivago's showing of their second collection titled Prehistoric. The show was amazing! Congratulations to Lara and Lydia for another captivating and equally as exciting showcase that inspired the heck out of me and has me champing at the bit for the new designs to get in to store. Review for the show will also be up on Dress & Press in the next coupla days...

So the Zhivago after party definitely took it out of me and I was in bed all day Sunday, pretty worse for wear... note: do not mix wine, champagne, tequila and vanilla galliano, you will regret it. I managed to arise and spruce myself up though for the Sunday night PFW shows, and dragged Ash along for even more of a fashion fix. From the start however, it just wasnt to be our night, and after arriving on time for the Furne One show we were told it wouldnt start for another hour so we ducked off to get pizza from Dough (friggin amaze by the way!). When we got back within the hour we heard the roaring applause, and surprise surprise we had missed the show.Fantastic. We managed to catch the models and designer at the end of the show in the foyer and seeing how bloody out of this world amazing the designs were I was fuming even more that fashion shows never run on schedule! I stood there staring with my jaw dropped at these exquisite gowns literally dripping in spikes and jewels while everyone clambered for a better look at the fascinating models and their fairy floss bouffant birds nests (as I affectionatley named their hairstyles). Gowns to truly die for, and I truly died for missing them :( After that due to the kill joy atmosphere of the Convention Centre and the lack of places to sit and relax while waiting the idea of hanging round for more than another hour before the Peridot London show started was more than Ash and I could handle in our fragile states so we dragged our sorry asses to get fro-yo (Sunday treats) and then headed back to bed.

via Perth Now
All in all a super good weekend, with all its highs and lows! PFW did a great job for its first year, and although there were a few issues that need to be ironed out (ie.venue location and size) I am definitely glad that we can add another fashion event to our sometimes bare Perth calendar.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hairy Inspiration

I need new hair!! I’m sick of fly-aways and split ends and naughty never does what it’s told hair! I love all the different styles in these pics below, but am especially loving big soft curls lately. Well actually I always have but was never dealt the talent of being able to do anything with my locks so instead it hangs straight, day in day out. I love volume and the tousled ‘I don’t give a f*ck look’ but can definitely appreciate a beautiful up-do. Oh, and as much as I love blondes, I’ve been there done that, and while I adored swanning around looking like badass Courtney Love, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go from black to blonde by leaving bleach in your hair for 10 hours, that caused some pretty damaging results!
Glitter bun below looks so fun and the poker straight balyaged manes are so glam. Denni from the Chic Muse has the exact perfect hair that I crave, but will probably just have to keep on dreaming about and I have a major girl crush on Penelope Cruz, always have and always will (even when she was with Tom…although that definitely tested my love for her!).
Any tips for a shiny,split end free, amazing and enviable head of hair are more than welcome.x  
lindsay via studded heartsHAIR via studded hearts via fash gone rogue-hair1200f80564e755cdb64eaf265a20be8a via se lets down er hair via se lets down her hair best hair! Knightcat via knightcat  via chic muse  via chic muse2Penelope%20Cruz%20-%20with%20snake%20-%2008
Images via: Fashion Gone Rogue, Chic Muse, Knight Cat, Studded Hearts, She Lets her Hair Down

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quickie ;)

Just a quick post of what I wore to dinner tonight. Photos are crap, I know! But I just wanted to show you my Twenty Seven Names cape shirt because due to the chilly weather I was able to wear it for the first time tonight. I bought it from work during summer and have been itching to throw it on over some jeans ever since. It’s beautiful and heavy, falls in the perfect way, and I can lift the cape part over my head to cover my hair when it’s raining. Tonight for my dad’s bday dinner I paired it with my Claude Maus waxed denim jeans, Gorman pony hair boots and a vintage necklace I picked up from a swapmeet.

Girl On Film

I don’t care much for the clothes in this Vogue US editorial however it caught my eye and refused to let me turn away. Don’t get me wrong, Grace Coddington’s styling is beautiful as per usual, but the fashion is not what kept me fascinated. This does not feel like an editorial from a high fashion magazine but rather snapshots of an experimental film, from an unspecified time period in which Natalia Vodianova is simply meant to play the lead. She is stunning, and animated, adorable and full of life. Michael Fassbender as the dignified gentleman is just an added bonus in this glamorous pictorial.
nathalia 2model  model nathalia 4 model model model model model nathalia 10
Via Fashion Gone Rogue

It’s a nice day for a white wedding

Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about getting married anytime soon but if I was then this gorgeous editorial for Numero #132 featuring the beautiful Aline Weber would be on my inspiration board. Also I can’t wear white because dirt gravitates towards me ONLY when I’m wearing it, but this is so dreamy and ethereal that I can pretend for a moment, right?
aline 12 aline 1 aline 2 aline 3 aline 4 aline 5  aline 7 aline 9 aline 10 aline 11
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