Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hairy Inspiration

I need new hair!! I’m sick of fly-aways and split ends and naughty never does what it’s told hair! I love all the different styles in these pics below, but am especially loving big soft curls lately. Well actually I always have but was never dealt the talent of being able to do anything with my locks so instead it hangs straight, day in day out. I love volume and the tousled ‘I don’t give a f*ck look’ but can definitely appreciate a beautiful up-do. Oh, and as much as I love blondes, I’ve been there done that, and while I adored swanning around looking like badass Courtney Love, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go from black to blonde by leaving bleach in your hair for 10 hours, that caused some pretty damaging results!
Glitter bun below looks so fun and the poker straight balyaged manes are so glam. Denni from the Chic Muse has the exact perfect hair that I crave, but will probably just have to keep on dreaming about and I have a major girl crush on Penelope Cruz, always have and always will (even when she was with Tom…although that definitely tested my love for her!).
Any tips for a shiny,split end free, amazing and enviable head of hair are more than welcome.x  
lindsay via studded heartsHAIR via studded hearts via fash gone rogue-hair1200f80564e755cdb64eaf265a20be8a via se lets down er hair via se lets down her hair best hair! Knightcat via knightcat  via chic muse  via chic muse2Penelope%20Cruz%20-%20with%20snake%20-%2008
Images via: Fashion Gone Rogue, Chic Muse, Knight Cat, Studded Hearts, She Lets her Hair Down

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  1. I love the long, dark, thick and wavy styles, they're just so beautiful and very versatile. Have you tried a product called moroccan oil? I'd definitely recommend that, just use a tiny bit in the palm of your hands before you blow dry and it sorts those fly aways right out and leaves your hair super silky and obedient! Also, for the touseled look, I'd recommend aussie curl defining mousse, where you can just scrunch it into wet hair then leave it to dry all wavy and touselled. voila! hope this is helpful.