Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Help me, I’m drowning in a giant pool of depressing study! Trying desperately to wade to the shallow end and save myself but resistance is futile. I have to let it absorb me and once I stop struggling and accept the fact that this is my existence for now, then and only then, it will become easier.

Bit dramatic, I know, it really aint that bad but exams have been stressing me out a wee bit so that is why I have neglected posting anything for over almost two weeks. I feel extremely guilty and have missed writing very much and can’t wait to get back in the game. Thought I would do a quick update of what I have been up to lately (apart from the all consuming studying) via Instagram photos because otherwise I will feel like a complete and utter dork.

collage instagram

(Clockwise from top left)
1. Gothic get-ups for work, black like my heart haha kidding!
2. Vintage Moschino bag, T by Alexander Wang sweater, Dion Lee for Cue pants
3. Getting all my greens, I’m super paranoid about getting sick
4. Our 2 year anniversary yay!!
5. Lusting after this sxc Versace dress
6. Watching Girls every week
7. Bringing minga strands back (you know what they are right? long strands of hair around your face circa 2000)
8. Getting back into doing Tracy Anderson workouts when its too rainy to ride my bike to the gym

P.S. Cannot freakin’ believe I am flying out to Europe in 8 days!!!! Grinning so hard right now. Greece and Turkey, look out!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Bananas!

 DSC01211DSC01226 DSC01227 DSC01231DSC01230   DSC01220 DSC01221 DSC01225DSC01222
Wearing: Topshop jumper, Fairground shorts, Asos boots and Asos ear cuffs

My morning was feeling a little dull so I decided to brighten it up with some crazy Versace-esque patterns and major mismatching. Still loving these Fairground Bananarama shorts from last season and congrats to the team as they recently discovered their original print has already been copied in the Hong Kong market! The highest form of compliment! Definitely want to get my hands on some of the amazing pieces from their new collection, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. I don’t normally rock a bare midriff (in winter) but Perth weather can’t make up its mind and we’re heading into June with 25 degrees and sunny skies, so what the hell, you only live once right…that’s the motto.

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Not So Lonely Heart

 DSC01139 DSC01143DSC01148DSC01153DSC01149    DSC01156 DSC01159 DSC01161 DSC01163 DSC01165
Wearing Antipodium dress, Lonely Hearts leather jacket, Vagabond creepers, Vintage snakeskin clutch

Just chilling on my friend’s sexy old car that he conveniently left outside my house. Makes for a darling background wouldn’t you say? It’s probably because of the car that I decided to go all 50’s rockabilly style on yo’ ass, wearing two of my favourite brands Antipodium and Lonely Hearts together. This leather jacket is absolutely to die for in all its detailed glory and check the cute little silver collar tips on the dress, love! Also, those adorable little macaron rings were a present from my boyfriend, he knows my ‘tastes’ well. Check out more miniature food jewellery here

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Luxe in Lurex

 DSC01180DSC01195 DSC01186 DSC01187  DSC01188   DSC01209DSC01205DSC01206DSC01210

Wearing: Vintage Moschino bodysuit, Vintage Levi shorts, Charlotte Ronson boots

Birthday photoshoot! Turned 23 yesterday and celebrated in my new fav Moschino bodysuit! Such a lurex winner. My birthday was pretty low key but absolutely lovely, so thanks to my fabulous family, boyfriend and friends for making me feel so special for a day. Love you all!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012



I have a confession. As much as I love buying clothing, shoes and accessories and am constantly coveting new pieces there’s something that gives me even more of a thrill upon purchase times and none of the guilt associated with buying a fashion piece that I may only wear once. I am 100% all about beauty and health products! Moisturisers, makeup, vitamins, cleansers, perfumes and more, these are the things that I get stupidly excited over. I really think that how you look is all about how you feel and when I feel happy and healthy on the inside and outside, then I genuinely feel great, no matter what clothes I’m wearing. Above is a selection of things I grabbed at the chemist yesterday (cheap cheap!) and these are some of my basic essentials.

- Blackmores Nails, Hair & Skin tablets—They work great if you’re disciplined and take the required dose every day.

- Palmers Coconut Body Butter—Only grabbed this because it was on sale for like $3 and I’m extremely poor at the moment but can never live without daily body moisturising.

- Calvin Klein Obsession Eau De Parfum-- Obsession has been my day perfume for years now and I never get over the strong heady scent. Even got my boyfriend onto Obsession For Men. It’s so classic!

- Swisse Olive Leaf Extract—I picked this up for the first time due to some advice given by a lovely lady at a health food store. She recommended it when I was enquiring about vitamin C and echinacea as immune boosters to get me fighting fit before I go to Europe. She believes that Olive Leaf Extract trumps everything and so this morning I gave it a go…URGGHHH it has the strangest taste and almost made me gag, but I’m hoping I’ll get used to it and the results will be worth it.

- Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner and Avene Thermale Spring Water--- I’ve always used the Sukin hydrating spray, it’s awesome when you want to refresh your makeup, or its a hot day, or you’re travelling. I also spray it on my face every morning after the shower or after I cleanse to get some moisture back in my skin before I moisturise. Grabbed the Avene spray because it looked French and fancy and you can never have enough refreshing sprays!

- Cetaphil cleanser—Been an enthusiastic spokeswoman for Cetaphil for the last few years. Sometimes I try other things but I always end up going back to Cetaphil because its simplicity just works the best for my skin. Bonus! It came with an added moisturiser.

Klorane Dry Shampoo—The best dry shampoo in my opinion. Sometimes I even spray it in my freshly washed hair to give it a bit more texture.

Bio-Oil—I love using oils on my face instead of creamy moisturisers as it just works better with my skin type. I usually use avocado oil in the morning and rose hip at night but picked up Bio Oil to change it up a bit and even out my skin tone.

Obviously there’s a million more products I love to use and can’t live without and make-up is a whole separate post. But I love that all these products above are fairly cheap and work really well. It’s a good feeling when you know exactly what works for you, as opposed to being younger and trying every type of Clearasil or Garnier product on the shelf and consequently wreaking havoc on your complexion.

I’d love to know some of your favourite products and things you can’t live without, let me know!

Friday, May 18, 2012

It’s All Ombre Hombre

DSC01023DSC01022DSC00984DSC00981DSC00986DSC01019      DSC01013DSC00990 
Wearing: American Apparel beanie, Asos top, Asos trousers and 2 Baia Vista platforms

It’s meant to be winter here in Perth, but the fact that I can still rock a singlet tells me otherwise. Received a little package in the mail from Asos yesterday containing this easy to wear tank and these amazing new fav pants. I am seriously into ombre at the moment, mostly in the nails department but I couldn’t say no to this cute gradient number. Will be easy to wear when it does finally cool down too with a cosy knit or leather jacket.