Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 Negatives, #firstworld problems
- Studying has taken over and hurts my brain, referencing can eff off
- No exercise because of an injured ankle is sending me bananas
- Social life is non-existent
- Room/bathroom haven’t been cleaned for over a month, ditto with the car, the giant huntsman I was    trapped with on the freeway last week is testament to the fact that when you don’t clean things, the critters settle in and make my home their home
- Lack of cash money
- Holiday planning is in full swing, excitement is at an all time high!
- Lately, I’ve been sleeping ALOT! not getting up at 5:45am every morning to exercise does have its perks
- Even though studying is cactus and boring, I do think I’m getting smarter, my brain just hasn’t realised it yet so the super intelligent stuff doesn’t come out of my mouth, it’ll happen tho, you just wait…
- Although I’m poor I get to look at pretty clothes all day, try them on when I’m bored and then put them on my account so I can pay for them laters!
- I have a sxc boyfriend that looks after me when I cant walk and am so hung I want to cry. He makes me pasta at 10am, buys me candy for lunch and will watch girl movies like The Help all day long. He also scores me free Yelawolf tix so i can indulge in my obsession with badass tattooed trailer park boys from Alabama. He may have some doozy songs like ‘Made in the USA’ but he is hot and just wants to party. So fuck yeah.
- Nicki Minaj is coming to Aus!! However this could end up in the negatives list when I realise that I cant afford to go east to see her. But for now I will celebrate!
- Internets is the best because I get to speak to ma gurl Ashton whenever I want. Miss my lil indian woman like there’s no tomorrow.
- Happy snaps >>>>

DAYDREAMIN’ my way through life right now.
jak & jil
Seriously loving red beanie, red lips, fur lined parka and mini Wang combo via Jak & Jil
Simple ponytail and hair cuff via Love Aesthetics
Lip stain and gold via Into the Gloss
WANT #Makeitcount Nike x Liberty 2012

Currently on a waiting list for these Wang babies
Wish I was eating raw pizza food in general every day
*NEW* Stolen Girlfriends Club 'Here Lies the Bones' Pre order here
Georgia May Jagger in general
Magdalena for Russian Vogue April 2012, BEST  HAIR, need to do this, check the rest here
Freakin' adore Daphne, styling in these photos is so on point with my taste, check more
More Daphne cos shes amaze, and I really love this Self Service cover
2 models are always better than 1, and I think Isabeli Fontana is so smokin (alot like Penelope Cruz, no?)see more
Case in point, two's more fun! More...
Rihanna just being a beb, her current style is so sxc/back to ghetto
I love her blonde, and yes, am just basically obsessed with the girl


  1. i always "daydream"
    nice blog dear:)

    GIVEAWAY CONTEST last day!

    GIVEAWAY CONTEST last day!