Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I know you've probably all seen it, but if you haven't then I urge you to watch it, and if you have, I urge you to urge everyone else to watch it. I am aware that there are a million and one problems going on in the world, that you may think are more important than this particular one, but it doesn't matter! We all need to start somewhere and Invisible Children are targeting us all in a way that will make a giant difference. 100 years from now society will look back on this decade, as the one that it all started in, when social media (whether you love it or hate it) revolutionised the way we get through to young and old about real world problems that we CAN change.

When people on Facebook bitch and whine about others being ignorant for only just finding out through a viral video about a crisis such as this, and they preach that we should already be aware of these things and not just jump on the bandwagon...That really gets my goat! Don't we all need to find out about things somehow? Isn't it important to support and join causes, in any way you can, no matter what you're reasoning behind it may be? Some people love to sought out the problems in anything that is trending,with their cynicism, and let it be known that they do not approve. It is ridiculous and attention seeking, but opinions are there for the taking in any situation.

If by the end of 2012 Joseph Kony is brought to justice, we will all know that it will be because of the world's efforts, support, campaigning, listening, watching, donating and banding together, and not only will we rejoice, but we will know we are only at the beginning of an exciting new age in which anything is possible.

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