Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Visual Perfection

This editorial by Sean & Seng for Numero #133 is freaking me out because I am seriously so in love with it. Ginta Lapina is smoking as per usual but the styling and location are just off the richter amazing. Super cool photography duo Sean & Seng have really nailed it with this one. The editorial does that awesome and rare thing that only some editorials do, it takes you so far into the world that has been created that you find yourself captivated in its magically timeless beauty and soon enough you are plotting an elaborate film script limited only by the depths of your wandering imagination. I want the hair, the make-up, the clothes and that houseboat! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
ginta 1 ginta 2 ginta 3 ginta 4 ginta 5 ginta 6 ginta 7 ginta 9 ginta 10 ginta 11 ginta 12
Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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