Monday, May 7, 2012

All day, e’ry day

 I am a very organised person. Some might say I am quite anal, or obsessive compulsive perhaps, but I just honestly get so much joy out of planning and making lists for every single occasion in my life. Be it a holiday, study schedule, social diary, to do list for the day, budgeting for the week, goals for the year. They are all generally planned and written down meticulously in one of my many notebooks or diary or iphone. Without writing things down I feel lost and stressed out, which aint pretty! What can I say, time management is just my thang, and I’m usually very good at inspiring others to take a leaf out of my organisation book for their life too. Along with all the list making comes routine and rituals that I go through the motions of every day.

Starting with morning:
- Wake up at 6am, scroll through my instagram feed which has lots of images of awesome fitspiration and healthy hotties to make me more friendly about leaving my warm, cosy bed.
- Sip on a cup of hot water with lemon and head to the gym for an hour.
- Shower, get dressed, read the paper and eat a healthy breakfast, usually my own gluten free mix of muesli, nuts, psyllium, linseed, rice bran and coconut, with yoghurt berries and banana. Or eggs on the weekend!
- Head out for a day of uni or work. At the moment I don’t have a day off to myself so I gotta make sure I’m feeling enthusiastic and positive, otherwise it might all come crashing down!
Weekly rituals:
At least once a week I have to find an hour, or more if I’m lucky, to do girly beauty pamper sessions. I’ll  usually put a face mask on, some coconut oil in my hair, paint my nails, burn a Diptyque candle and read a mag or some bookmarked blogs. So cliché, I know. But seriously girls, it is just so darn necessary right?!? I think it is super important to take a little bit of time out every now and then to relax and make yourself feel lovely, and for me, beauty treatments are the answer. It would be even better to go through your weekly pamper ritual with your best pals, but sometimes, actually most of the time it is freakin’ impossible to catch up with them when you want. Usually your spare time doesn’t coincide with their spare time and it becomes a nasty cycle of always being too busy and having to cancel or take a raincheck. I have been struggling with finding time for my lovely ladies as of late and am going to make it a priority as of this week to try a whole lot harder and stop being complacent.
How do you take time out to relax and get in touch with your ‘feminine side’? Let me know!

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