Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jump Day

A little bit of loveliness to get you through your Wednesday. I don’t like saying ‘hump’ day, so I’m officially changing it to Jump Day. Hope you all have a wonderful one.x
via studded hearts 2
Via Studded Hearts
bekah-jenkins5.jpg via fashion gone rogue
Bekah Jenkins frolicking- via Fashion Gone Rogue
bekah-jenkins8.jpg via fashion gone rogue
Bekah Jenkins looking all mermaidy- via Fashion Gone Rogue
Bette Franke in 20's glamour- via Fashion Gone Rogue
dempsey stewart
Dempsey Stewart channelling a Godard film- via Fashion Gone Rogue
dempsey stewart 2
Via Fashion Gone Rogue
Sasha Grey being a beb
Sasha Grey
Rocking denim on denim with added glam
topshop via studded hearts
New Topshop quilted sorbet leathers- via Studded Hearts
Felicity Jones in D&G via fash gone rogue
Felicity Jones in D&G- via Fashion Gone Rogue
via studded hearts
One of the few Coachella get ups that wasn't denim cut offs et al- via Studded Hearts
via oracle fox
Via Oracle Fox
via oracle fox 2
Via Oracle Fox
via se lets her hair down
Via She Lets Her Hair Down
via mouth and the knife
Via The Mouth and the Knife
Anais Poulliot Le Fashion
Anais Poulliot-Canadian babe and a half

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