Friday, February 24, 2012

The Morning Light

So here it is. The beginning of a new chapter. It was about time that I started blogging (according to my friends) and I realised that with all the new things and great old things taking place in my life it would hopefully prove to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience to start recording it all.
Going back to study, a new job (holla to the girls at thevauxx!) my beautiful friend leaving me for an exciting New York adventure (sad :( but exciting! check it out- me me me + him) and constant travel plans on the go, have all hit me at once lately and have definitely culminated in an action packed last few months.

With everything going full speed at the moment, I'm loving it, but it definitely makes me super grateful for the constants that are there, like my lovely boyfriend, long time friends and supportive family. As corny as it sounds, I'd be lost without y'all!

So with plans of thoughts, vents, interviews, style, shoots, reviews, food, recipes and more all on the horizon for the blog I hope that it provides a worthwhile read for whoever ventures over here and becomes a great platform to keep me motivated for all that is ahead. Wish me luck!

HAHAHA: Anna Wintour And Karl Lagerfeld

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